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Counseling Department

Counseling services by grade level

Sixth grade

Counselors help with the adjustment to the middle school. They meet with your child's teachers on a weekly basis and participate in parent conferences. Sometimes counselors are in classrooms leading the class in a guided activity. Counselors offer support throughout the school year, seeing students individually and in small groups. In sixth grade a variety of groups are offered which students can voluntarily sign up to attend. Examples of these groups are Banana Splits and Friendship group.

Seventh grade

Your child will have his/her first annual review as a seventh grader. This is a time when your child will meet individually or as part of a small group with his/her school counselor to begin discussing career goals. This meeting is a chance for your child to explore with his/her school counselor not only the future but also to begin to think about what he/she will need to do to achieve his/her goals.

School counselors also continue to assist students and parents with any concerns. Attendance at team meetings and parent conferences continues to be an important part of the middle school's counseling program. Remember that school counselors are here to assist you and your child.

Eighth grade

This is an exciting year for parents and students. In addition to the individual and group contacts we have had through sixth and seventh grades, we begin your student's transition to high school. During the year, parents and students will be actively involved in this transition process.

The school counselor will meet with your eighth grader in an annual review and will spend time in one of your child's classes to discuss how to make good decisions and choices. You and your child will be provided with the information and strategies that you will need to make appropriate ninth grade course selections. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an evening program at the high school where you and your child will finalize his/her course selections. This is a time that can be exciting and confusing to parents and students as well. Your school counselor and your child's teacher can help to make this time less confusing.


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