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Study skills

Self-management strategies:
Ways to help yourself in the classroom

Strategies to help you control your own learning:

Be prepared: Use self-talk to get materials together or locate missing materials

“OK, it’s math time. I need my math book, notebook, ruler and pencil.”
“Where would I be if I was a ruler? When did I use it last?”
“It’s math time. I need to think about fractions.”

Be Still

Self-Talk (to help you remember). Repeat the instructions to yourself using sequence words.

“First, I need to turn on the computer (hold up one finger). Second, I’ll put in the disk (hold up two fingers)…”

Ignore Distractions

Self-Correct When Distracted Catch yourself when you’re distracted by noises, and self-correct.

“Excuse me, I was distracted by the students in the hall. Could you repeat what you just said?”

Self-Correct Internal Distractions

Catch yourself when you daydream, and self-correct. Tell yourself: “It’s not daydreaming time, it’s math time.” If your daydreaming made you miss something that was said in class, tell the speaker: “I’m sorry, I was thinking of something else. What were you saying?”

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