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Study skills

Partnership for successful students: Parents and teachers

“Parental influence and support are the single most powerful tools to help children succeed in school.”
(A quote displayed in the hall, near the FMS cafeteria.)


Take an active part in your child’s education by having a consistent interest in your child’s learning process.
Be available to your child. Non-critical assistance and a helpful and positive attitude are important to maintain. Help review for tests, make flash cards, and offer ideas (when asked) for writing assignments.

Encourage your child to choose location, schedule time for, and set goals regarding homework. Help separate tasks for them into smaller manageable “chunks”. It is important for them to feel they have a sense of control over their learning.

On a regular basis, review returned homework, graded tests, quizzes, and current grades. Provide praise and/or rewards for work well done, as well as acknowledgement for sincere effort.


Encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s education by inviting them in to view a special project, or communicate by newsletter, or other means.

Be available to the parent. Communicating through e-mail gives both parent and teacher opportunity and time for productive exchange of information.

Encourage the student to involve the parents in setting goals and monitoring progress. Give rubrics for long-term projects (include all students in the class – no one likes to be singled out). Consider offering occasional “Homework Help” days or help with specific topics after school.

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