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This I Believe - Episode 1

GHS author Kali Cavanaugh
Kali Cavanaugh is a ninth grader at Guilderland High School. She is 15 years old and lives in Slingerlands. An alumna of Lynnwood Elementary School, Kali enjoys reading, writing, music and spending time with her friends. She also plays guitar and likes to go on vacation.

My Immortal

By Kali Cavanaugh

“There is always some madness in love, but there is always some reason in madness.”

I suppose love has the power to be nothing more than the silent saying of someone’s name under your breath. For me, love is spending a week at my family camp on Saranac Lake. I can’t describe the feeling that rushes through my veins as the three hour journey closes and I am finally able to get out of the car, say hello to everyone, and jump off the dock into the cool refreshing water.

This is a place tied together by love. My grandfather bought this camp in 1963. My father’s family of five spent their summers up at camp with many other families from Long Island. Coincidentally, my mother’s parents also bought a camp on Saranac Lake three years later. It is at this camp, known as “Sekon” where my parents met.

My mother was two and my father was four. Every summer they went to their family camps, growing first as great friends, and then finally falling in love. My camp on Saranac Lake means even more to me than it did when I was nine or ten because three years ago my parents got divorced.

Love is known to some as the poetry of senses so when I go to my family camp I feel not only free from the worries of suburbia, I feel like part of a love story. Sekon is a fantasy world in which love is everlasting and always remembered. Sekon is a place where I can still hear names whispered into the caressing winds. For me Sekon is a place where friendships are created based on love and family traditions are continued based on love. Water runs on the small beach surrounded by camps built in the 1800’s and every night there is a campfire full of laughter and marshmallows and love.

Love can be something magical, something dependable and especially something warm. But whenever I am upset, it is not the ideal love which brings a smile to my face, but rather the faces of my parents and knowing that love can happen and that it can end and that the memoires left behind by love can be some of the most powerful.

So even though the love of my parents has ended, they have taught me that memories last, that everyone can find love, and that names once whispered together can still live on in time.

I believe there truly is no end to love at all.


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