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This I Believe - Episode 16

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Rebekah Wolanski is a freshman in High School. She loves volleyball, playing guitar, singing, and writing. She also loves sushi and dancing and English class, but most of all she adores playing with her little brother.

Love at First Sight

By Rebekah Wolanski

I believe in love at first sight. Not the conventional form of lovey-dovey love, with a couple holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes, thinking they are the only two human beings on the planet in that given moment. How can I believe in something I haven’t experienced yet? If I could I would, but I’m not talking about that kind of love. I’m talking about seeing your baby brother for the first time in your life and knowing there is nothing more innocently beautiful. That kind of love.

Ronan is the son of my Mother and Stepfather, so technically he’s my half-brother. I rarely call him that unless I’m explaining to someone the complex matrix that is my gigantic family. I call him the five- year- old who just started kindergarten. I call him the sweetest, most adorable thing on this earth. I call him my brother.

Ronan was born on September 26th 2006. On that day I saw him and held him in my arms for the first time. He was just a little red munchkin, so warm and small. He opened his eyes and looked at me with those clear blue eyes that all new born babies have, and I was absolutely smitten. When he was just a few months old, I would beg my mom to let me feed him his pureed carrots or his mashed peas. I loved seeing his little face scrunch up when he didn’t like the food or smile for more when he did. I would sit in the rocking chair with him for hours, just watching him sleep, feeling so proud to be his big sister. I remember watching him learn to walk. After dinner, my parents would sit on either end of the dinner table and he would walk back and forth between them, at first falling after just a few steps but later walking quickly back and forth between them until he was too old to go on the table.

Ronan is now the most wonderful five-year-old in the world. He’s in Kindergarten at Pine Bush Elementary and knows the bus route and birthday for every kid in his class. He must give me ten cards a week, with little stick figures with round bodies and I love you written at the bottom. He loves to give me bunches of hugs and kisses and constantly asks me to play with him. I know that this age is one of the most wonderful ages a child can be and I am hoping this time could last forever, though I know it can’t. Five is the best year for Christmas. As he says, “I am the most excited for Christmas. I am more excited than anyone!” Just today, I helped him make his first Christmas chain, just red and green construction paper strips linked together. He was ecstatic.

I wish I could freeze in time every adorable moment, word, saying or smile that Ronan says or does every day. The way he says someone is “ab-si-dent” from school or how he “loves everyone on the universe!” The contented smile he has when he’s coloring or the tiny tickle spot he has on the back of his neck. They way he giggles uncontrollably when he watches a certain episode of Peppa Pig. The way he looks when he drifts off to sleep. I have the most wonderful brother named Ronan Forster who I have loved more than anything since the day he came into this world. I believe in love at first sight.


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