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This I Believe - Episode 4

GHS author Anna Jacquinot
Anna Jacquinot is a freshman at Guilderland High School. She loves music, tennis and piano. She was adopted in 1997.

The Shades of Her Aura

By Anna Jacquinot

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”  --  Meister Eckhart

As she brushes the dust off the faded gold picture frame, she notices that she is smiling in the photograph in front of her. Lifting it up to take a closer look, she sees that the girl and woman both radiate some kind of glow about them, and it emanates an invisible golden aura around their figures. She stares into the dark eyes of her rosy round face and notices that they sparkle, even in a picture. She runs her finger over that woman’s face next to her own, wondering what she has done to make her smile so bright.

She rummages through her drawer to find a photograph two years before of the same girl. But this time, the girl’s face is a frown. Cheekbones protrude out of her soft baby skin, and hints of tears are in her eyes. If she had an aura, it would be black and sullen. It would make the face fade away, disappear into thin air. And nobody would have noticed the little girl missing from the photo.

I lay the photos out on her table gazing into the little details of the pictures. I see the picture of a starved baby in a torn shirt, and the picture of a smiling toddler, whose perfect little ringlets looked as if they bounce in place as she leaned against her new mother.

I am the baby in this photo. In this photo I have nothing. I am just another face in a room of crying babies. Not even records to prove that I have a name. If I had died that day the photo had been taken nobody would have noticed. My ashes would have been thrown into the wind, fading away into black pieces of air.

And then there is the picture of me as a toddler. A girl who has everything. A family and a home. A maroon colored velvet dress with a silk bow and a matching headband. Perfectly conditioned chocolate brown baby curls, complimenting my light cinnamon colored skin. My mother is smiling at me, the girl who changed her life. And I am looking back at the mother who changed mine.

Looking at both of the pictures, I realize how lucky I am and I believe that the most important words to come out of my mouth are...

Thank You.


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