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This I Believe - Episode 8

photo of GHS author Steve Bellegarde
Steve will be entering his senior year at Guilderland High School. He enjoys music, movies, and video games with friends. He strives to maintain a positive attitude and is looking forward to spending more time pursuing his interests in the liberal arts.

Anger is Not an Emotion Worth Keeping

By Steve Bellegarde

You can feel it burning in your chest the rage infects your entire body. Your heart beats twice as fast and you feel as if your blood is boiling. This is anger. And I believe that it is not an emotion worth holding on to. When it starts you may enjoy it but like any drug, it has dark side effects.

You feel strong and powerful but you act angrier and bitter things that wouldn’t phase you become powder kegs for fits of rage. You may hurt the ones you care for with your words or even violence. You almost always harm someone or your self as a result of anger. I know because it happened to me.

A few years ago I had a very close friend in my school. We told each other everything and I trusted him with my deepest and darkest secrets. I told him and extremely personal secret. He told his parents about it. When I found out I turned redder then I ever thought possible.

I wanted to shoot heat from my eyes and set him on fire. I was really scared about what his parents would do with the knowledge gained from my secret. In the end they did nothing and I was fine however I thought nothing short of a world ending disaster would make me speak to him again. A few weeks later I realized that my anger for him was changing me. I was more bitter and nasty to my parents and friends, almost on the verge of violence. but I knew the only way to destroy the symbiote was to forgive and try to repair our friendship.

I now know that no matter how angry you are at someone you have to forgive them at some point. And forgive your self soon. Anger is a powerful emotion it makes us strong and feel powerful. But it eats away at you stripping you of who you are and making you hurt the ones you love. So let anger in feel the emotion but let it go and forgive. Anger is not an emotion worth keeping. This I believe.


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