Station #6: Upstream Cracks


1)     Describe, with as much detail as possible, the appearance of the cracks in

      the bedrock  at this station:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


2)     Perform an acid test on the rock sample in the kit from this site: Which of the

      following occurred:


____ Acid bubbled right away with lots of bubbles


           ____ Needed to be scratched with a nail to get it to bubble, minor bubbling


           ____ Never bubbled



Questions- Station #6

  1) Compare each of the following to those at Station 2 (swirls):

Site Number

Station 2

Station 6


Crack Widths



Crack Depths





Acid Test Results





Rock Type





2)     (a) How do the angle, width, and depth measurements of the cracks in the

           bedrock at Stations 2 & 6 compare to each other?


        (b) How do you explain these results?


  3)  What evidence do you see around this station or from other stations that

       suggest  humans have an impact on the area?