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Physical Education 

Dress code

With physical education class occurring every four days, students are required to bring clothes to change into for every class. The classes are 86 minutes long and usually very active. This results in a hygiene practice of bringing the clothes home for washing.

The fashion world really plays havoc for physical educators in the wearing of appropriate attire for active participation. With simple guidelines developed over the years, our students and parents have made good choices for appropriate dress.

The following is a list of attire needed for active participation in physical education class:

A lock is required for the security of your personal belongings. This is very Important! The school district is not responsible for loss of personal property.

A sleeved t-shirt that tucks in or a capped sleeved shirt (no tank tops or spaghetti straps).

A pair of shorts or sweats without zippers, buckles or rivets (no cut offs or jeans).

A pair of sneakers that are enclosed both front and back, are not platformed or heeled, and do not have truck tire type treads on the bottom.

A student must dress for class on the day of an athletic competition if they are a member of a sports team at GHS.  If a student is not prepared, they are ineligible to play in that competition and their coach will be notified.

Students are REQUIRED to follow the dress code standards outlined in the student handbook.


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