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Physical Education 

Medical excuses

Throughout the school year, students may become injured and/or ill resulting in medical attention from a doctor. This may impact their personal level of involvement in their physical education class.

All original medical notes signed by a medical professional are to be brought, by the student, to the Health Office first. A copy will be given to the proper physical education teacher and placed on file. With a medical excuse, students are expected to continue to change into their physical education attire. Excuses from parents are accepted by the physical education teacher for that class. Students are required to change for class even with a daily excuse.

Medicals: 1 day to 3 weeks
Those students who have been placed on medical not exceeding 3 weeks are required to attend their regular physical education class. Students are expected to change their clothes and be involved in class. Their teacher will provide modified activity based upon the ability level of the individual.

Medicals: Beyond 3 weeks
Students who have a medical excuse which lasts longer than a three week time frame will be enrolled in Adapted Physical Education . This occurs during the first half of advisory period in the weight room. During the first forty minutes of advisory, students will take adapted PE with the assigned instructor. The student will then return to advisory for the second forty minutes of the period. During their regular physical education class, the student is required to see their teacher to obtain a pass to the library for the entire 80-minute block. This allows the student to get any work completed for other classes.

Adapted physical education
Adapted physical education is designed for students on medicals lasting longer than a three-week time to be placed on a personal fitness program. This program is usually administered in the weight room to focus on their strengths and keep them physically active twice a week.  A member of the physical education staff works closely with each student to accomplish personal goals. The class takes place after school from 2:30pm -3:10pm.  Regular attendance is required to earn credit.  All of the grades will be submitted to the students regular PE teacher and reflected on SchoolTool.

Here is an example of how the Adapted Physical Education program could work for a student. 

A student who has broken his/her ankle and is on medical for 6 weeks would be placed on a program that focuses on upper body conditioning and abdominal strength.

Upon release of a medical excuse by a physician, a student has to return to their regularly assigned physical education class.


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