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January 20, 2017

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Clubs & activities

Want to learn more about the clubs offered at GHS? Read a short description of each here

Below is a list of clubs and activities for the 2015-16 school year, along with their advisors:

Class of 2016
Ms. Autrey, Mrs. Benner

Class of 2017
Mrs. Dayton, Mrs. Gallagher

Class of 2018
Mrs. Bedian, Mr. Corona

Class of 2019
Mrs. Brabender, Mrs. Deluca

Ms. Wein, Ms. Wood-Irvin

Amnesty International
Mr. Renaud, Mrs. Pieck

Anime Club
Mrs. Pollack

Art Club
Mr. Greene

Badminton Club
Mrs. O'Brien

Best Buddies   Visit the Best Buddies New York Web site
Mrs. Lazarus, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Miller

CBS Bowling Club
Mrs. Fallon, Mr. Kotary

Chamber Choir
Mrs. Teeter

Chamber Strings
Mrs. Curro

Chemistry Club
Mrs. McTiernan

Dance Squad
Mrs. Relyea

Fall Play
Mr. Maycock

Film Club
Ms. Best

French Club
Mrs. Rant

Guilderland Players/Musical   Visit the players Web site
Mr. Maycock

Harry Potter's Club
Mrs. Gergen

International Club/Cultural Fair
Mrs. Bedian/Mrs. Holt

Invest In Your Future
Mrs. McGrath

Jazz Ensemble/Stage Band
Mr. Russo

The Journal Newspaper
Mrs. McNamara

Key Club
Mrs. Sebuyira

Mr. Rudolph, Mrs. Rudolph

Math League/Club
Mrs. Stein

Med Cross Club
Mr. Rahman

Media Club
Mr. Maycock

Men's Choir (The Singing Dutchmen)
Mrs. Feeney

Mock Trial
Mrs. Holland, Mrs. McGrath

Model UN
Mr. Kopff, Mrs. Miller

Months of Hope
Mrs. Rudolph

Muslim Student Association
Mrs. Holt

National Honor Society   Visit the NHS Web page
Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Petroff

Natural Helpers
Ms. Autrey, Mrs. Galarneau

Pep Band
Mrs. Ehlinger

Mr. van Horne

Political Debate & Discussion
Mr. Kinnally, Mr. Kopff

Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Holt

Science Olympiad
Mr. Bender

Shakespeare Society
Mrs. Pollack

Ski Club   Visit the ski club Web page
Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Petroff

Speech & Debate
Mr. Baker

S.T.A.R. (Students/Teachers Against Racism)
Mr. Rahman, Mrs. Sebuyira

STATIC (Christian Fellowship)
Mrs. Whitney

Student Government
Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Lilly

Tri-M Music Honor Society   Visit the society's Web page
Mrs. Ehlinger

Ultimate Frisbee
Mr. Gray & Mr. Renaud

Vex Robotics
Mr. Ball

Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Fallon, Mrs. Jasenski

Youth Activation Committee
Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Relyea, Mrs. Tynan