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This I Believe - Episode 3

GHS author Caroline Grondahl
Caroline Grondahl is a freshman at Guilderland High School. She is 14 years old. When she started writing her “This I believe” essay, she didn’t feel like she believed in anything important. But after writing this piece, her outlook on life changed. She now believes in miracles and that they happen everyday.

Raking Leaves, Miracles, and Hope

By Caroline Grondahl

I’m sure you have heard the saying: miracles happen. It is a saying that I never quite believed in before. Maybe it was because I never took the time to look for the little miracles in life. Or maybe it was because nothing had ever happened to me that required a miracle. Either way, I was never a firm believer in miracles. During the past three weeks, I have changed my mind. I now believe that miracles, big or small, occur every day. Whether it is that you found a dollar bill on the ground, or something bigger, like a life that you care about was saved, miracles are an everyday happening.

About three weeks ago, Hope, the mother of my half-brother (although I consider him my brother), was admitted into the hospital. When my own mom first told me the news, I didn’t understand. Hope, one of the healthiest people I know, in the hospital? It didn’t make sense.

But then, my mom told me, “They think she had a brain aneurysm.”

An aneurysm is a problem in the brain that happens when there is a weak spot in an artery or vein that dilates and fills with blood. In Hope’s case, the artery burst and leaked blood into her brain.

A brain problem. That’s why she was in the hospital. People can die right away from an aneurysm bursting, or soon after. Luckily, a miracle decided to find Hope that day.

A man was outside raking his leaves. She was running. She collapsed once, and the man went over to help her up and ask if she was okay. She said she was fine. He went back to raking his leaves. She started to run again, and collapsed a second time. This time, the force of the fall sent her rolling into a ditch. The man asked if she was okay. When she didn’t respond, he ran inside and dialed 911. He brought a blanket out to her and did not move her, which they say may have saved her life. The ambulance came down the street in a blur of flashing lights and sirens, and whisked her away to the hospital.

Hope was in the hospital for almost three weeks. Three weeks of waiting, praying, and of course, hoping. It was a miracle that she made it to the ambulance, but when it came to her seventh day in the hospital it started to get scary. The doctors said between the seventh and tenth day is when they start to lose people.

The seventh day came and went. The eighth day came and went. The ninth day came and went, and Hope was still with us.

Finally, the tenth day came, and the tenth day went. Hope is still with us.


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