June's place Gravel Pit Site: Clarksville


Cleavage (rock)














Residual Soil






Soil Horizons


Soil Profile




Stream Bed Profile




Transported Soil

Elevation: 227.7 meters   Latitude: 42° 34’’ 39’N     Longitude: 73° 57’ 57’’W


1)     Write a description of the five rock samples provided in the kit.  Focus on size, shape, texture, color, and any unique features of the rock sample.


Sample 1


Sample 2


Sample 3


Sample 4


Sample 5
























2)     Identify what agent of erosion (Water, Wind, or Glacier) deposited the following soil samples:


          Sample #1 -                                                                  Sample #4-

Sample # 2-                                                                  Sample #5-

             Sample #3-



3)     Referring to the vocabulary words for “till” and “transported soil”, what explains the diverse origins of rock samples located in June’s Gravel Pit?


4)     Looking at pictures from the Field Study Site in Clarksville determine what agent of

     erosion (water, wind, or glacier) deposited the sediments in different parts of June’s

     Gravel Pit.


            Gravel Pit Location #1-


            Gravel Pit Location #2-


3) Describe the series of events that occurred to created Gravel Pit Location #3.



4) Make a sketch of sorted sediments and unsorted sediments.


                            Sorted                                                       Unsorted














5)  A typical soil profile is created from the bedrock at an average rate of 1cm per 400  

     years.  When a soil profile is complete it is called mature.  A mature soil profile has

     an A-horizon at the top with humus and minerals, a B-horizon with only minerals,

     and a C-horizon with no organic or mineral content. 


     In New York State because of the relatively recent Ice Age, our soil profile is

     immature, missing the B-Horizon.

     Sketch and label the layers of the soil profile (1+2) from June’s Gravel Pit.


                                                     June’s G.P. Sketch