Station #5: The “Stadium”


1)  Link to the following photos of the “Stadium” then sketch drawings for each photo in the space provided.


  joint crack cave               


2) Sketch and label section of the outcrop showing a multiple fold, with an anticline and syncline



3) (a) Using your field study packet, apply a force that would create the same folding pattern as you’ve seen in the rocks at this station.


     (b) Make a drawing that shows how forces cause this type of folding.



 4) Find the large limestone block on the far right side of the stadium (as you face the high wall). 


 Suggest how it got to its present position and orientation.



Questions- Station #5:

  1) Based on your sketches, teacher discussions, and your knowledge of rock formation, describe the terms below and explain how each has played a role in the stadium’s formation and appearance today (ex: if you found mudcracks that might indicate there was once water present, silt or mud was deposited, the temperature rose evaporating

the water, etc.):


       (a) the limestone:


       (b) ripples:


       (c) faulting:


       (d) folds: 


       (e) erosional agents.


 2) Relative date the following from oldest (1) to youngest (3):


          ____faulting and folding      ____strata formation      ____ joint caves


 3) Refer back to the reference information from station 3.  Explain how joint caves are formed.  Include a sequential diagram in your explanation: